Some of my happy customers

I am so grateful to Cheryl. My twins, aged two had been going through a bad sleeping patch for about three months. My husband and I were woken up at least four or five times a night, it got so bad we ended up in different bedrooms attending to one twin each. Usually my daughter slept peacefully but something was different this time. My son had never slept well and we kept putting him in bed with us just so we could have some peace. I know this was the wrong thing to do but we were so tired and desperate.

Cheryl came to visit us at their bedtime and made some terrific yet simple suggestions, then after sending a lengthy and comprehensive report of what to do next, she was at the end of the phone for two weeks. She also looked at their diet, sleeping conditions, lighting, routine, even story time. It was just brilliant. Just what our tired heads needed. The telephone support, usually on whataspp was invaluable. I nearly caved so many times but with Cheryl at the end of the phone I felt sure I could deal with the sleep training. A full nights sleep for my son seemed impossible, Cheryl was confident her methods would gain positive results. I was doubtful but we persevered. It was probably the hardest few weeks I have ever been through. But we made it and it worked!

It’s been five weeks now and more often than not they sleep through for 12 hours each night. And even my husband and I are enjoying 9 hours full sleep. My brain is starting to recharge. I am so relieved. All incredible.

Thank you Cheryl you are a master in your craft.

Rachel, mum to James and Charlotte aged two

I hadn’t had much professional help with any of my baby journey, trying to manage on my own. But by the time it got to potty training I was exhausted and regretted not reaching out before. I dreaded potty training and I had no idea what method was the best, I was even given a potty training doll, and a potty training book with a squeak! I couldn’t imagine that working! I needed professional help, someone to just tell me what to do!

I found Cheryl through a friend and I am so glad I did. She came to my house and talked me through the steps, then was with me by phone for two weeks. It’s an evolving process potty training and there are many things that change along the way. I wouldn’t have known if I was doing it right if I hadn’t had this comprehensive and personal service.

The potty training took three days of hard work, plus two weeks to get it right. I was thrilled and it wasn’t a nightmare at all – mind you it could have been a much different story if I hadn’t had the help!

Cheryl, thank you!

Catherine, mum to Luis aged 30 months

I thought I knew how to sleep train a little one as I had done so with my first, but with my second nothing worked. At my wit’s end I called Cheryl, thank god I did! She talked through our current routine and what we had tried, she then helped me rearrange my little one’s room to aid his sleep, talked through a new bedtime routine and why these changes could help, and was on hand throughout our change process. He Slept!

Cheryl has been working with smalls for many years, is kind, caring, and has such incredible insight. Get in touch and get some sleep – blissful!

Sarah, mum to Charlie and Oliver aged four and two