Working with you and your little ones every step of the way

Bringing up a baby can be the most uplifting, wonderful and fulfilling job in the world, but at times it can also be hard and challenging. Guidance through some difficult situations is always helpful and sometimes essential to assist you through the hurdles. But there’s just so much information now available at your fingertips it’s hard to know what would suit you and your baby; it’s often overwhelming, contradictory and elaborate! Perhaps there’s not enough time to read a book or for trial and error? You may be tired and in a muddle? It can be a minefield. Here at Sleep Training London, I hope to help you personally through some of the milestones and help you overcome some of the obstacles that may seem huge and impossible but are all part of your brilliant and rewarding parenting journey.

Below are the main areas I specialise in but if I can help you in any other way please let me know and we can work through any
baby issues you may have.

“Thank you Cheryl for giving us a full nights sleep again”

– Paula, London 2020